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BANDOO Side Tables

BANDOO Shelves 1  
Designer andreas loeschner-gornau
Copyright andreas loeschner-gornau
Technology material

bamboo, cotton-bandages, acrylic paint, white-glue

Environment protection:
Craft without machine and electricity made.
Bamboo - is a renewable material, from the surroundings, no routes of transport. The cotton tree is also a native plant. Article is 100 % usable as a compost.

"No machine was used in the production of bandoo, no machine equals zero energy waste. Bamboo grows incredibly fast, up to one meter a week unlike other plants and trees that grow at a very minimal rate so it’s easier to maintain bamboo forests. Bandage is made of cotton which is harvested from the cotton plant without having to kill it and white glue disintegrates quickly in the environment. Bandoo is eco-friendly because once you’re done with it, you could just leave it in the garden compost. "

I use only natural materials. (100% environmentally friendly). I work with different growth forms of the plants. The designs are at least therefore different. But functions and proportions are kept in the best possible way.

Dimension h= 193cm, 53cm, d= 53cm
Weight including its wrapping paper 5.5kg
Weight dispatch container 7kg
Dispatch container type Cardboard