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about the designer Andreas Loeschner-Gornau
"Andreas Löschner-Gornau is a descendant of a 17th century German artist. And Gornau is the village where he was born- but has become part of his name in harmony with his ‘3rd’ life. His first life ended when East Germany was lost to a united Germany. His second- lost to a heart operation. And finally, his third life and a new name is a result of a belief in harmony- where even his name must bend with pulsating rhythm of life: Andreas Löschner-Gornau." Malu
Career Symposion & art-projects
Awards Singles-exhibitions
Grants Video/Multimedia showings & festivals
Art-works in collections Exhibitions - participation
Publication about my works Realized projects as curator
Career 1980-82 student - fine arts, painting - Institute forArchitecture-Enamel Thale, Germany
  1982-88 student - fine arts - Art Academy - "Burg Giebichenstein" Halle, Germany
  1988 student - "Bauhaus Dessau" Germany
  1989 removal from the university register (reasons - political activity against the regime of East Germany)
  1988-2003 independent artist - art-studio in Halle, Germany
  since 1995 curator and artist
  1998 rehabilitation -> Master's degree, Master of Arts & Master of Design
  2001 independent consultant - scientific research at the Luther University Magdeburg (faculty psychology); together with the team "neurox"; - state-of-the-art technology for the entry of selected, usable, biological parameter for the users to steer them selfe through 3D-virtuell-reality with self developed hardware and software-routine
my task: concept-development of the Gestalt-psychology and realization + programming of 3D-virtuell-reality-software
  2001-02 independent consultant (for concept-development / media-art) - by order and account of the "VOLKSWAGEN AG"
my task: Introduction on the market - for the car-modells "Passat W8" + "Phaeton" (international automobile-fair all over the world)
+ development - art and media-projects + + +
  2003 independent artist - art-studio in CebuCity Philippines
  since 2005 lecturer - "University of the Philippines" Cebu, Philippines (fine-arts & design)
  since 2007 independent consultant - by order and account of theEuropean Chamber of Commerce, furniture and home accessory companys
Awards 1992 Second award at the competition - sculpture for the square "Hasselbachplatz", City Magdeburg, Germany- award for my project "Cityiglu and Street-TV" (architecture and a computer-art-project)
  1994 "International Triennale for original-graphic" Grenchen, Switzerland
  1994 First award at the sculpture-competition - development of the cup for the international Lady-tennis Grand prix Leipzig /Germany sponsoren by the bank German Sparkassen-finance group
  1995 First award sculpture-competition City Halle, Germany for my concept "A Piece from Paradise"
  1996 First award "Food Carrier - art on wheels", Luxemburg European art-competition
  1997 Second award International competition for computer-graphic "digital Art-Gallery" Frankfurt a.M., Germany
  1998 Second award International competition"Art-Happening" Bärnbach, Austria, computergraphic
  1999 VOX - television station , Düsseldorf, Germany
  2000-01 no participation in competitions
  2002 European Multimedia Award, Berlin / Germany
  since 2003 no participation in competitions
Grants 1991 state government Sachsen Anhalt / Germany
  1991 "Kulturfonds Berlin" / Germany
  1993 state government Sachsen Anhalt / Germany
  1994 Ministry of Education and Art /Austria
  1995 state bank "NORD/LB" Hannover /Germany
  1997 City Halle / Germany
  1998 state government Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany
  1999 MDM (Middle-German-Media-Grant) / Germany
  1999 European-Grant "Media Antenne"
  2000-2001 i did not apply for grants
  2002 state government Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany
  2003 "Kulturfonds Berlin" / Germany
  since 2004 i did not apply for grants
Art-collections Ernst Barlach Museum, Güstrow /Germany
  Art-Collection of the state bank "Nord/LB" Hannover /Germany
  State Gallery Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany
  Art-Collection of the state government Sachsen Anhalt /Germany
  Collection "Castle Falkenstein" / Germany
  Art-Collection Museum Palace Bernburg / Germany
  State Gallery "Grassimuseum" Leipzig / Germany
  Bonner Kunstverein / Germany
  collection of the "Videor Art Foundation" Rödermark / Germany
  more than 250 private art-collections in Europe, America, Asia, Australia
PUBLICATIONS 1990 "Art" - the famous German art-magazine about my artworks and furniture objects / Europe
  1999 "KUNSTFORUM INTERNATIOAL" number 146 / Europe
  2002 "KUNSTFORUM INTERNATIOAL" number 159 + number 160 / Europe
  2000 “The Ir-Real of the Real” University of Georgia / The Georgia Museum of Art Athens / USA
  1995 “Eyes on the City” Sau Paulo / Brasil
  2008 Monument Magazine, Architecture and design /Australia
  2008 POL Oxygen Art design Architecture magazin /Australia
  1993 “The Future Of The Memory” ProgettoCivitilla / Italia
  2001 “Don't talk with your mouth full!” publishing house for modern-art Nürnberg / Germany
  2000 “XXVII Fidem 2000 - The art-medallion in Germany" volume 12 - State Museum Berlin / Germany
  1992 “Earth - Sign - Earth” International Association For Fine-arts / France
  1989 ”Steel-art” State Gallery Berlin / Germany
  1988 “Young Artists” Munich / Germany
  1991 "Steel And Enamel” Chamber of Handicrafts Hannover / Germany
  1999 “Renewed Happy Future” State Gallery Moritzburg Halle / Germany
  1991 “In Process III” Association For Fine-art / Germany
  1993 “Kabale und Liebe” State Gallery Weimar / Germany
“Nature Light and Area” Museum Palace Mosigkau, Dessau / Germany
“Ostranenie 93” + “Ostranenie 97" Bauhaus Dessau / Germany
“Sculpture Made Of Steel” state gallery "Grassi Museum" Leipzig / Germany
“International exhibition for art-books and hand made prints” Edition "Lebensretter" / Germany
“public-art” City Halle / Germany
“Art and Water” Edition art-gellery "5ünf Sinne" / Germany
"Flying" , Hamburg artist's house "Sotbörn" / Germany
  1998 “comtecart” state office Dresden / Germany
"TING", State Gallery Halle / Germany
“public-art” tax and finance ministry Magdeburg / Germany
“Rooms 2000” art club "Röderhof e.V." / Germany
  1999 “more left then right, after a fashion, more or less ” Protestant Academy Sachsen-Anhalt" / Germany
Design-shows 1991 imm cologne, with the avant-garde designer group "art of design" / Germany
  1992 Salone Internazionale del Mobile 1991, with the avant-garde designer group "art of design" / Italy
  1992 Maison & Objet Fair ,Paris , with the avant-garde designer group "art of design"
  2008 Maison & Objet, Paris
  2008 & 09 Ambiente Frankfurt /Germany
  2008 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), New York City
  2008 Madrid International Furniture Exhibition, Madrid
  2008 &09 Cebu X, Cebu, Philippines
  2009 International Furniture Fair Singapore 2009
  2009 Fame Manila, Philippines
  2009 HD Expo in Las Vegas / USA
  2009 Maison & Objet, Paris
  2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), New York City
Symposion 1989 International- Steel-Symposium Staßfurt /Germany
  1991 IFG-ULM ("Internl Forum for Building) "Privacy", Katalog / Germany
  1991 "the last supper", International Association For Fine-arts, Katalog / Europe
  1992 Project “In Process III” Association For Fine-art Germany, (Art on a ship), Katalog /Germany
  1993 8. european art-project "Progetto Civitella d´ Agliano"
  1993 "The angels have a meal", Wittenberg, Land-art-symposium / Germany
  1995 "Medienwerkstatt" Wien / Austria
  1996 "public-art", Halle / Germany
  1996 "Magdeburger Nude Drawing-Symposium" / Germany
  2000 "rooms" art club "Röderhof" / Germany
  2002 "Wald-Art" Langgöns, Hessen / Germany
  since 2003 i did not apply for symposium
1991 "Galerie Oben", Chemnitz / Germany
  1992 Gallerie "Dependance", Leipzig / Germany
  1992 Galerie "5ünf Sinne", Halle / Germany
  1993 "The return of the forester" Gallery "ACC", Weimar / Germany
  1993 "Crown prince Friedrich follows the Saxon countess Anna Orczelska out of the ballroom", palace Rheinsberg near Berlin / Germany
  1994 Museum "Händelhaus", Halle / Germany
  1995 Gallerie "5ünf Sinne", Halle / Germany
  1995 Gallery "das Nest", Wettin / Germany
  1996 "Galerie Piece Unique" Paris / France
  1997 "KX-Kampnagel" together with Haufe, Lampalzer, Opperman, Hamburg / Germany
  1996-99 numerous exhibitions in web-Gallerys
  1999 Gallery "Otto Koch", Dessau / Germany
  2000 Gallery "Schlick" Düsseldorf / Germany
  2000 together with Martin Kippenberger Düsseldorf / Germany
  2001 Gallery "Ulbargen" / Germany
  2002 Foto-Gallery Kleipeda, /Lithuania
  2005 Galleria Duemila Manila /Philippines
  since 2003 I have stopped in the last years all activities to exhibit.
Since then I am making art at places of the emptiness without art reception. :-)
  2009 I am working in the moment on a new series of exhibition's.hopfully i can finance a transport of my artworks to Europe to exhibit again. I try to find now contacts in Europe to start this exhibition project.
Video/Multimedia showings & festivals  
  Argentina - Buenos Aires
  Australia - Sydney
  Austria - Wien, Linz
  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia, Adamantina, Assis, Belo Horizonte, Campos, Florianópolis, Itajubá, Joinville, Porto Alegre, Sto. André, Recife, Vitoria, Uberaba, Vicosa
  Colombia - Bogota, Medellin, Cali
  China - Beijing, Shanghai
  Germany - Apolda, Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Dessau, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt, Gladbeck, Halle, Hamburg, Jena, Kiel, Lübeck, Magdeburg, München, Nürnberg, Stutgart, Tübingen, Weimar, Wuppertal ....
  France - Paris
  UK - Escócia Scotland, London
  Israel - Haifa, Jerusalem
  Italy - Civitella, Ferrara, Mailand
  India - Bombay, Bangalore, Dehli, Madras
  Japan - Osaka, Tokyo
  Philippines - Cebu
  Spain - Barcelona, Madrid
  Switzerland - Bern, Zürich
  USA - Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York , New Oleans, San Francisco, St Louis, ...
Exhibitions - selection 1988 "Young Artists", Munich / Germany
  1989 "Steel-art from the GDR", Berlin-W. State Gallery / Germany
  1990 "Furniture-Objects-Furniture", Berlin Friedrichstrasse/ Germany,
  1991 "European handicrafts", Stuttgart , Katalog / Germany
  1992 "The Artist-group Halle-West e.V." "Galerie Handwerk", Koblenz / Germany
  1992 "Talk about your dreams" Grassimuseum, Leipzig / Germany
  1993 "Kabale und Liebe", Weimar, Katalog / Germany
  1994 "Art and Water" Galerie "5ünf Sinne", Halle / Germany
  1996 international art-project "Vision & Meeting", Halle / Germany
  1996 "Art at advertising space", Halle, Magdeburg / Germany
  1996-99 numerous exhibitions in web-Gallerys
  1997 "Flying" , Hamburg - artist house Sotbörn / Germany
  1997 interninal exhibition for computergraphic "MacWorld" Düsseldorf / Germany
  1997 "digital Art-Gallery", Frankfurt a.M. / Germany
  1997 "ComtecArt", Dresden / Germany
  1998 "atomic jungle", Halle / Germany
  1998 "TING", Halle / Germany
  1999 "Art-Happening", Bärnbach / Austria
  1999 "Renewed Happy Future", State Gallery Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany
together with: Imi Knoebel, Georg Herold, Olaf Nicolai, Ulf Aminde, Moritz Götze, Olaf Martens, Otto Möhwald, Erich Reusch...
  1999 "more left then right, after a fashion, more or less", Bernburg / Germany
  1999 NRW-Forum Düsseldorf / Germany with Wendt, Herman, Haufe
  1999 "art gets my goat", Halle / Germany
  2000 USA Museum of Modern Art Athens /Atlanta
  2000 Art club Röderhof / Germany
  2001 "Don't talk with your mouth full!", Galerie der Künste München / Germany
together with:Daniel Spoerri .......
  2002 "Halle-West", Art club Gera / Germany
  2002 "table manners ", Sate Gallery Kiel / Germany
  2002 "WaldArt", Hessen in the forest "Taunus" / Germany
  2003 "Art on Tour" Wuppertal, Bochum / Germany
  2003 Artist house Münster / Germany
  2006 36 York Avenue - New York - George Brecht, Al Hansen, Jörg Immendorff, Martin Kippenberger, Roy Lichtenstein, Andreas Loeschner-Gornau, Jules Olitski, Nam June Paik, Blinky Palermo, Robert Rauschenberg, Hans Richter, Dieter Roth, Tomas Schmit, Wolf Vostell, Andy Warhol ; New York / USA
  2007 "Wirtschaft als Kunstfaktor "Galerie im Volkspark Halle/ Germany
together with: Francis Alÿs, Ulf Aminde, Yukako Ando, Banksy, Joseph Beuys, Victor Bonato, George Brecht, Luis Camnitzer, Charlet, Armin Chodzinski, Lisa Cieslik, Gérard Colin-Thiebaut, Minerva Cuevas, Honoré Daumier, Felix Droese, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Gavarni, Tobias Gerber, Jochen Gerz, Hans Haacke, Al Hansen, Keith Haring, Georg Herold, Leni Hoffmann, William Hogarth, Ingold Airlines, Annette Kelm, Wilhelm Kreimeyer, Marcus Krips, Barbara Kruger, Christin Lahr, Roy Lichtenstein, Andreas Löschner-Gornau, Cildo Meireles, Mouilleron, Musacchio, Olaf Nicolai, Marion von Osten, Parzival, Jan M. Petersen, Daniel Pflumm, Pietro Piellini, Jelka Plate, Leonardus Schenk, Wolfgang Spanier, Ulrich Strohtjohann, Hans-Jörg Tauchert, Jean Tinguely, Jan Verbeek, ZEVS, Peter Zimmermann
  since 2003 I have stopped in the last years all activities to exhibit.
Since then I am making art at places of the emptiness without art reception. :-)
  2009 I am working in the moment on a new series of exhibition's.hopfully i can finance a transpot of artworks to Europe to exhibit again. I try to find now contacts in Europe to start this exhibition project.
Realized projects as CURATOR 1995 "Farsightedness" international exhibition Halle / Germany
  1996 "Vision & Meeting" intternational exhibition Halle / Germany
  1996 "art instead advertisement " Halle / Germany
  1996-98 "kunst-halle" international art-project (www)
  1997 "living space vision" communication - international Web-Art-Project
  1998 "atomic jungle", Halle / Germany