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BANDOO Side Tablespic

“Bamboo Wind light” tea candle holders, candlestick - 2-sides usable - for light more or less
Designer andreas loeschner-gornau
Copyright andreas loeschner-gornau
Technology material

Manual labor - each unique (little divergences normally)

Bamboo Glass

Environment protection:
I use only natural materials. (100% environmentally friendly). I work with different growth forms of the plants. The designs are at least therefore different. But functions and proportions are kept in the best possible way.

Dimension 12x11x11cm
Weight including its wrapping paper 350g
Weight dispatch container 200g
Dispatch container type Cardboard
Total weight 550g
Minimum order 1
unit price (order 1 piece) 6 USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 10 pieces 5.5USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 50 pieces 4 USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 100 pieces 2.8 USD + Dispatch
Day production 140 pieces