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I try to be more green than the grass.
I eat no animals.
Only the renewable parts of the plants if they grew up natural and did not become treated with chemicals.

I reduce my use in electric energy to a minimum.
I experiment at the moment with renewable energy sources. To use them for production and designs.
I work only with renewable materials.
I plant trees.

2006 I planted 100 trees at the Mayon volcano.
2007 I planted 100 mangroves trees as fish continuance protection.
The mangroven plantation was completely destroyed by the natives.
I breed all trees even from seed.
2007-08 I cleaned daily a coastal stripe of the garbage of moving ships.
And lost the everyday one argue against the unlawful illegally fishing when one started to shoot with guns at me.

I found in the bamboo a material that is not easy to destroy (because it belongs to the grasses) so as long you will not bulldoze the the soil it will grow again
and it is very stable and light and is a beautiful plant.