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BANDOO Side Tables

"cocoin" Desk lamp
Designer andreas loeschner-gornau
Copyright andreas loeschner-gornau
Technology material

Manual labor
coconutshell, cotton-bandages, acrylic paint, white-glue, mahogany-seeds-shell

Environment protection:
I use only natural materials. (100% environmentally friendly). I work with different growth forms of the plants. The designs are at least therefore different. But functions and proportions are kept in the best possible way.

Dimension h= 50cm, w=20cm, d= 30cm, 2m electric cable + plug +Base E27 without light bulb
Weight including its wrapping paper 2500g
Weight dispatch container 1250g
Dispatch container type Cardboard
Total weight 2750g
Minimum order 1
unit price (order 1 piece) 99 USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 10 pieces 95 USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 50 pieces 80 USD + Dispatch
unit price - order more than 100 pieces 50 USD + Dispatch
Day production 30 pieces
BANDOO Side Tables